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Existing Connections

Reclaim Pipes 51What if I sell my property?

You must ensure you advise the new owners of your property of the Recycled Water connections. 

When you have confirmed the date of settlement for your property sale it is important to advise Council by completing and lodging the form ‘Request for Meter Reading ’. Council will need information provided by you in this form to conduct a meter reading and finalise your account. This request must be lodged no later than 48 hours prior to property settlement occurring. If advice is not provided to Council at least 48 hours prior to property settlement additional charges for meter readings may occur.

I’ve just bought a home with Recycled Water - how do I connect my service?

In order to have a recycled water connection changed from the previous property owner to the new property owner a meter reading and cross connection audit must be conducted.

The property seller is required to complete the form:

Request for Meter Reading

The property purchaser is required to complete the following two forms:

Recycled Water Supply Agreement (224 kb)

Recycled Water Connection - Application (103 kb)

Reclaim Pipes 66Periodic Cross Connection Audit Inspections

Recycled water connections require a cross connection audit to be completed once every 5 years or upon sale of a property. The inspection ensures supply separation of drinking water and recycled water. This inspection must be conducted by a qualified and licensed plumber. Your plumber is required to issue a cross connection audit certificate with copies to be sent to Council and the Office of the Technical Regulator within 7 days of the test having been conducted. Alternatively, Council can arrange for your Cross Connection Audit to be completed. If you wish Council to arrange your Periodic Cross Connection Audit please contact our offices on 8408 1829.

Further Information

For further information please contact our Water Business Unit Coordinator on 8408 1111.

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