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How can I connect my new home to Recycled Water?

Reclaim Pipes 16When lodging your Development Application with Council to build your home, you will also be required to complete and return the following documents that are both available from our Council office or online by selecting documents in ‘Related Links’.  The application form can also be completed by your builder or installing plumber.

Recycled Water Connection - Application (103 kb)

Recycled Water Supply Agreement (224 kb)

Your plumbing contractor should ensure they contact the Office of Technical Regulator (1300 760 311) to schedule their staged inspections during construction.  Information on installation and inspection requirements for your plumbing contractor can be found in the Recycled Water Installation Guide.

It is also suggested you read Councils Recycled Water Service Charter to assist you in understanding both recycled water and your rights and responsibilities as a recycled water customer.

Recycled water connections to residential homes are currently only available in the St Clair land development.Reclaim Pipes 51

Installation of Recycled Water

Recycled water plumbing is very distinctive with all pipework, taps and meter marked ‘recycled water’ and purple, or lilac, in colour.  The recycled pipework within your house will be inspected at various stages of housing construction by the Office of Technical Regulator and Council to ensure there is no cross connection of supply between drinking water and recycled water.

Your installing plumber should ensure they are aware of installation requirements of the recycled water system. The ‘Recycled Water Installation Guide’ provides information to ensure correct installation of the system. The Office of Technical Regulator Plumbing Advisory Note should also further assist plumbers in the correct installation method prior to meter connections.

It is the responsibility of the installing plumber to contact Office of Technical Regulator (1300 884 055) and Council (8408 1829) to schedule audit inspections for each stage of system commissioning prior to handover and use of the system by property occupants. Your installing plumber must be present at the final fix inspection.  Final fix bookings can be made by contacting Council on 8408 1829.

Council will arrange for the installation of a Recycled Water meter at your property and also the final cross connection audit inspection prior to connection to the Recycled Water network.

Further Information

For further information please contact our Water Business Unit Coordinator on 8408 1111.

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