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Healthy Menu Information for Food Businesses

Australian food consumers are becoming increasingly aware of what they eat to ensure that food is not only prepared safely, looks and tastes good, but also is healthy and nutritious for them. 

The City of Charles Sturt’s Environmental Health Department has engaged with local food businesses who have advised they would welcome information regarding healthier food preparation and food options.  Based on this information Charles Sturt’s Environmental Health Team has worked with OPAL and the Heart Foundation to provide a range of resources and a useful checklist to work towards providing healthier foods to your customers.

Healthier Menu Checklist – A simple and easy to use checklist designed for chefs, cooks and managers of food businesses to compare their menu options, preparation and serving practices with healthier nutrition principles. 

The Heart Foundation’s Healthier Kids’ Meal Options for Foodservice Outlets - This document has been developed to assist businesses by providing healthier recipes for inclusion on children’s menu.  It is recognised that food preferences that children develop early in their life follow them into adulthood, therefore food businesses play an important role in the development of children’s food habits.

Further information will be updated on this webpage regarding the City of Charles Sturt’s pilot project with local food retailers to support them implementing healthier food practices and healthier menu choices for kids.

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