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Fire Hazard Reduction

fire hazard 3Fire Danger Season

The Fire Danger Season is set annually and generally runs from 1 November to 30 April.

Council sends a letter to the owners of vacant land before the Fire Danger Season begins to advise them of the importance of fire prevention. It is important that the height of any inflammable growth should be kept at a maximum height of 10cm for the duration of the Fire Danger Season and that property should be cleared of all flammable materials. This includes grass waste resulting from cutting and any other objects that are inflammable.

Overgrown Grass

Overgrown dry grass, not green grass, requires clearing for the prevention of fires. Council Officers will investigate concerns that tall grass on private property may constitute a potential fire risk. A Council Officer will visit the location and assess the situation. If a Fire Hazard is identified, Council will contact the owner advising them that the grass constitutes a fire hazard and that it needs to be cleared by a specific date. A further inspection is then carried out after that period and further action will be taken if the work has not been done.

Further information in relation to fire hazard reduction may be obtained by contacting the Council on 8408 1111.

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