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Waste (blue lid)

blue lid bin

Your waste (blue lid) bin is collected weekly.

Need a reminder for which bin to put out and when? Download the My Local Services App.

Everything in this bin will be sent to landfill.

Waste Hotline: 8295 5077

What days are my bins collected? - accordion - REUSED

What days are my bins collected?

Download our My Local Services app for your phone and always know which bin to put out and when. This feature also provides ‘push notifications’ as a reminder to put your bin out.

Or you can enter your address in our "Address Search" on our Map to find out about your collection day.

The waste and recycling booklet (delivered to households annually) also includes information on when/how to
present your bins for collection:

Kerbside Waste & Recycling Calendar and Guide (7889 kb)


What CAN go in the waste to landfill bin?

This bin should only be used for general household waste that cannot be put in your recycling (yellow lid) or organics bins. This includes:

  • wastePlastic bags, garbage bags & non recyclable plastic & food packaging (eg chip packets)
  • Nappies
  • Kitty litter (wrapped)
  • Video tapes
  • Small broken household items such as china & glassware (including light globes)
  • Cling film & wine bladders
  • Rags and clothing that cannot be passed on as hand me downs or given to charity shops
  • Expanded polystyrene (including meat trays & cups)
  • Ropes & hoses

Check the A-Z of Waste & Recycling for further information about what item goes in what bin.

You can reduce what goes into your waste (blue lid) bin by doing the following:

Avoid waste in the first place;
Refuse junk mail if you don't want to read it;
Share magazines and newspapers or access them free at the library.

Reduce what you throw away;
Set up a compost bin and worm farms in your backyard for food scraps;
Use your organics bin to compost food scraps;
Buy in bulk and products with minimal packaging;
Use both sides of the paper;
Repair before replacing.

Reuse materials in an innovative way;
Reuse gift wrapping paper and ribbon;
Buy items in refillable containers where possible;
Reuse glass and plastic containers for storing food, pens, buttons, screws and other items.

Recycle products to save natural resources;
Close the loop and buy recycled products;
Use your recycling (yellow lid) bin to recycle your household recyclables.

Organics (green lid)

Recycling (yellow lid)

Bin placement at the kerb - accordion - REUSED

Bin placement at the kerb

Correct bin placement picture

To ensure your bins are emptied on your scheduled collection day, you need to:

  • Put the bins out by 6.00am on the day of pick up and bring them back in within 24 hours of collection;
  • Face each bin in the right direction - wheels towards the house;
  • Keep a minimum of 30cm clear around each bin;
  • Place them where they will not unreasonably impede pedestrians and road users;
  • Place the right material in the right bin (See Sections 3-6 for more information);
  • Be sure your waste is not packed too tightly;
  • Don't overfill your bin (max. weight 75 kg) and make sure the bin lid is closed.

Correct bin placement 

Bin Issues - Contact Information

Please contact Customer Contact on 8408 1111 for:

  • Theft of bins;
  • New or replacement bins.

Please contact the Waste Hotline 8295 5077 for:

  • Collection enquiries - including missed collections;
  • Damage to bins;
  • Conduct and courtesy of vehicle drivers;
  • Any other waste related enquiries.
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