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Waste Water Reuse

Install water tanksThe reuse of grey and black water is increasing across our State to conserve our precious supply of water. The reuse of this type of water needs to be managed carefully to ensure public health risks are controlled.

The use of recycled water is encouraged. However, the relevant authority must establish that the extent of treatment, the method of application and the reuse purpose for this resource does not create public health risks and adverse environmental impacts before approval is granted. Further information on the use of recycled water can be obtained at the SA Recycled Water Guidelines.

Before commencing your plans to install a permanent fixture, ensure the product you have chosen is an approved product by SA Health by visiting their Wastewater Product Approval link.

Please visit the SA Health Wastewater Management website for further information and application forms.

Any application submitted to Council must include a design and include a statement by a wastewater engineer to ensure that your site is appropriate for the desired system.


Fees for inspections and application review have charges associated.  Information regarding current fees is available by contacting Council’s Environmental Health Team on 8408 1111

Setback Distances

Setback distances for on-site wastewater systems are required to ensure that public and environmental health considerations are addressed. The topography of the site and distance of a wastewater system from buildings, boundaries, water bodies and other physical and environmental features will have implications for the suitability and desired performance of the system.

Setback requirements are outlined in the following table:

grey and black water

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