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Off-setting our Emissions

The City of Charles Sturt Fleet is planting trees to off-set our emissions

Morella Station - 5Council have recently partnered with a not-for profit organisation, Canopy, to plant trees to which over their lifetimes will offset Council's carbon emissions and assist in our move towards carbon neutrality.

Canopy is a not-for-profit group founded by scientists, academics, lawyers, business people and prominent environmentalists.

This partnership will eventually revegetate degraded farm land to create a carbon sink at Morella Station, Salt Creek. The revegetation program is managed by Greening Australia, overseen by the State Government and is permanently registered on the property's certificate of title by the Crown Solicitor's Office. The agreement to protect the carbon rights at Morella is signed by Premier Mike Rann, Greening Australia, Canopy and environmental group Wetlands and Wildlife, who now own Morella.

Canopy's carbon sink at Morella Station meets the requirements of article 3.3 of the Kyoto Protocol for reafforestation. The carbon rights are legally secured in partnership with the SA Department of Environment and Natural Resources.

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