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How it works

The most common question asked about the Community Fruit & Vege Swap is: "How does it work?" - by which people really mean: How are values assigned to the produce? How can you be sure you'll 'get your money's worth', that is, take home the equivalent of what you brought?

The short answer to these questions is, "We don't!"

Selling? Trading? Bartering? No - Sharing!

The Community Fruit & Vege Swap works on a model not of selling, trading or bartering, but of sharing. Goods are simply spread out together, and then attendees select what they want and need, roughly in proportion to their contribution.

"It is a kind of honour system, but although it may be hard to believe, we have found so far that it works - it works beautifully. If anything, we usually have to beg people to take more to avoid having produce left over."

Come along & swap

  • fruits & vegetables
  • herbs
  • flowers
  • plants, cuttings, seeds and seedlings
  • home baking and preserves

Some key features

  • genuinely "grassroots" - initiated & run by local residents
  • no money changes hands
  • no strings attached - no registration or membership - just come along when you wish
  • based on the principle of sharing, rather than selling, bartering or trading
  • everyone welcome - whether or not you have produce to swap

Come along to one of the local Swaps and see it in action!

To register your interest for a workshop in your area or to get personalised help and support to start your own swap, contact Mark at City of Charles Sturt on 8408 1138, or via email at

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