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Fruit Fly Outbreak

Fruit Fly - small9 May 2013

The City of Charles Sturt has received notification from Primary Industries and Resources South Australia (PIRSA) of two separate fruit fly outbreaks within the City of Charles Sturt area.

The outbreaks are at Woodville Gardens and Royal Park and PIRSA has established a 1.5 kilometre eradication and quarantine zone around each of these locations.

The quarantine zones include parts of the following suburbs within the City of Charles Sturt - Royal Park, Hendon, West Lakes, Hendon, Cheltenham, Woodville North, Athol Park, Woodville Gardens, and Kilkenny.

Maps of the two fruit fly areas are available below:

Royal Park Fruit Fly Outbreak - map of quarantine zone (388 kb)

Woodville Gardens Fruit Fly Outbreak - map of quarantine zone (299 kb)

Residents within the quarantine areas have been informed of the outbreak via a letterbox drop.

All residents and local businesses are advised to ensure all green organic material from the quarantine zone either remains on site, or is disposed of safely in one on the following ways:

  • place it in your kerbside green organics bin (Solo will empty bins in these areas and take their contents for special treatment);
  • contact PRISA and organise for a fruit fly eradication team to come to your property and remove organic material;
  • take it to PRISA's site at 2 Transport Avenue, Netley and place it in the secure fruit fly bins.

Charles Sturt and PIRSA ask residents not to compost their green organic waste in a compost mound or bin - this can risk the spread of fruit fly.

Residents are reminded to report any flies and maggots to PIRSA on the Fruit Fly hotline so PIRSA can collect any fruit and assess the situation.

The Fruit Fly Hotline number is:
1300 666 010 (24 hour service).

Fruit Flies are the world's worst fruit pest, with the ability to destroy fruit and vegetables from commercial and home grown crops. Charles Sturt and PIRSA encourage all residents to be vigilant and follow the quarantine measures to ensure we keep our state safe from fruit flies.

Fruit Fly

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