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Managing Your Property

The Importance of Keeping a Clean and Tidy Property

GardeningThe City of Charles Sturt has an expectation that all properties within the City are maintained to a satisfactory condition. Properties that are not effectively maintained can cause a number of adverse effects, including:

  • Hygiene risks and the possibility of disease transmission to the residents of the house and surrounding neighbours;
  • Risks to the health and safety of those entering the property; and
  • An effect on the appearance of the street, which reflects on the presentation of the City as a whole.

Council's Community Safety Officer's can assist residents in identifying and improving their property appearance. In particular the following tips can assist you with best practice litter and waste management at home to improve your property appearance.

Kerbside Hard RubbishAccumulation of Materials

  • Property to be maintained in a clear, tidy and sanitary condition by removing accumulated rubbish and unnecessary items from the property.
  • Packing and stacking required goods and timber in an orderly fashion at least 300mm above the ground.

Garden Maintenance

  • lawnmower Maintaining lawns and trees to keep area neat and tidy.
  • More information on Trees & Power lines
  • Clearing overgrown foliage and vegetation and cleaning up insanitary conditions e.g. dog faeces.

Vermin Control

  • Deprive vermin, rats and mice of shelter and food by regular cleaning & proper storage of materials & use of rat baiting services.
  • Carry out regular inspections for possible infestation of white ants or other vermin harbouring in the clutter.

Rubbish Bins for your waste collectionRemoval of Materials

  • Removal of rubbish and disposal of recyclable materials using Council regular kerb side collection bins and hard rubbish collection.
  • Return 10c deposit containers to your local recycling depot.


Henley High School Gardening SupportGetting Help

Seeking assistance from relatives, neighbours, Council & Welfare organisations

  • Managing the property with little impact to the neighbourhood or amenity of the street.
  • Sourcing no or low cost options for the removal/recycling of accumulated materials.
  • Learn about recycling and recycle all you can by contacting your council to maximise options.

For Further Information

If you have any further queries or wish to use this service please contact Council's Community Safety Officer's on 8408 1111.

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