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Linear Park Path

Cycling is fun, affordable, pollution free and great for your health and wellbeing.

The council encourages cycling by endorsing strategies, and providing services for the community.

Council services and programs

Free bike hire

With the support of Charles Sturt and OPAL, Adelaide City Bikes have expanded their FREE bike hire service to our community!

There is a lot to see and do in Charles Sturt when you loan a bike for the day, such as visiting the many parks, places, playgrounds and cultural and historic sites. Find out more here:

Free Bike Hire

Bike maintenance stations

“Quick stop to make your bike tip top”

The council supports cycling and undertakes initiatives to encourage the use of cycling within the city. The stands are a free, public feature which will allow all cyclists to conveniently maintain their bicycles. This will make it easier for cyclists to swap the car for a bicycle on a regular basis! More information and current locations can be found here:

Bike Maintenance Stations

Mayor at Bike Repair Station

Mayor Angela Evans making sure her bike is in tip top shape at the Hindmarsh Bike Maintenance Station.

Parks and play features

For more information about what you can see and do on your bike in Charles Sturt, visit the Parks, Reserves and Playgrounds:

Parks, Reserves and Playgrounds

Greenways & Cycle Paths Project

For more information about the Greenways & Cycle Paths project:

Greenways & Cycle Paths Project

Programs in Charles Sturt

Courses: Many courses and events are run by Bike SA

Way2Go school program: The City of Charles Sturt has partnered with the government and local school communities to identify plan and implement people focused, safe and innovative improvements in local streets near schools to support active travel. To find out more information about this program, head to: Way2Go

Useful resources


Cycling maps are available at

Public toilet map:

Road rules for cyclists

Road rules, safety tips and a guide for cyclists are available here

“Stay wider of the Rider - new cyclist road rules for cyclists” video from My License SA:

 ‘It’s a two way street” video from the Amy Gillet Foundation:

Cycling and public transport

Can I take my bike with me on the train? Do I need to purchase a ticket for my bike?

Find out at Adelaide Metro:

Connect with the cycling community

Find a selection of social media and websites to keep you updated on cycling in Adelaide!

Find a FREE Bike SA ride

Find a cycling club

Find a bicycle user group (BUG)

Bike SA is an independent, non-government, not-for-profit association supporting all recreational cyclists and members

Adelaide Free Bikes - Facebook

Adelaide Bike Kitchen - Facebook

Bike Adelaide

Bicycle Institute of SA

Bicycle User Groups (BUGs) in and around the City are:

Please let us know if we’ve missed any useful links!

Council’s strategies and policies

Charles Sturt supports active travel through a number of initiatives driven by a range of departments and embedded in organisational plans. Our vision for walking and cycling is:

To create communities where people choose and are able to walk or cycle for any purpose.

This is supported by a Council that recognises the value of walking and cycling and makes a commitment to create safe, healthy, efficient, connected and sustainable communities’. To find out more about how the City of Charles Sturt supports walking and cycling check out our short film and strategic plan:

You can also read the City of Charles Sturt Walking and Cycling strategy here:

Strategy for Walking and Cycling (4550 kb)

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