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Legionella Control

Legionella Control 1The following information is provided to owners and operators of high risk manufactured water systems i.e. cooling water systems and warm water systems.

To notify Council of your results please complete the "Notification of Legionella in Water Sample" form below within 24 hours from receipt of your results.

Notification of Legionella in Water Sample

What is Legionella?

Legionella is a bacteria that causes a type of pneumonia called Legionellosis. It is commonly found in water sources, including lakes, rivers, streams, groundwater, thermal lagoons, and habitats such as soils and mud. To exist, Legionella obtains nutrients by invading other microorganisms such as algae, protozoa and other bacteria.

The organism can survive freezing but is destroyed immediately when temperatures reach 70ºC. The optimum temperatures for the bacteria to reproduce are at temperatures between from 20-45ºC, that is why they choose to colonise in high risk manufactured water systems such as cooling water systems and warm water systems. It is therefore imperative that owners and operators of these high risk manufactured water systems are responsible for the he control of Legionella.

Controlling Legionella

Cooling Water Systems and Warm Water Systems must be operated and maintained in accordance with the South Australian Public Health (Legionella) Regulations 2013, the Guidelines for the Control of Legionella and the Australian and New Zealand Standards (AS/NZS 3666) to ensure that correct commissioning/decommissioning procedures, decontamination procedures, setup, plans, manuals, maintenance, log books and record keeping are maintained.

Do these regulations apply to me?

The regulations apply to the owner(s) of premises which have cooling water systems and/or warm water systems installed except in:

(a) a Class 1A, 4 or 10 building under the Building Code; or
(b) a sole occupancy unit in a Class 2 building under the Building Code, provided that it is not a warm water system that serves more than 1 dwelling.


How do I register?

The SA Public Health (Legionella) Regulations 2013 require building owners to register all their high risk manufactured water systems (i.e. cooling water systems and warm water systems) with their Local Council and renew them annually thereafter.

For further information please visit the SA Health website

To register your cooling water and warm water system with Council, please utilise the forms below:

Cooling Water/ Warm Water System Registration Form

Decommissioning or Removal of High Risk Manufactured Water System Form

Further information

If you have any queries in relation to the regulations or require additional information, please contact the City of Charles Sturt's Environmental Health Department on 8408 1111 or the Department of Health's Environmental Services Branch on 8226 7100.

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