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Charles Sturt People

The City of Charles Sturt takes its name from explorer Captain Charles Sturt, who made his home in 'the reedbeds'. Many people who have made significant contributions to the progress of South Australia have called this area home, along with thousands of residents who, through their pride in their place, their commitment to their community, and their sense of leadership and innovation have enriched our City. In the City of Charles Sturt "people make the difference".

This minor theme celebrates local people, businesses and community leaders, and encourages residents to contribute to local history through individual story-telling.

Rosa - InnovationThe Faces

Today, the City of Charles Sturt is a vibrant, urban area that is home to a diverse community of more than 100 different cultures and thousands of different experiences. In 2008, Charles Sturt council launched an innovative marketing campaign that brought this community together under one bold statement.

Through a series of striking photographs, 'Hello, I'm Charles Sturt' celebrates and recognises some of the 105,000 different faces that form one dynamic city. The 'Faces of Charles Sturt' have come to represent the collective aspirations, past and present, of Charles Sturt people. Behind each face is a fascinating and compelling story that reveals a little more about the history of this city and its community.

To mark South Australia's 175th anniversary, the City of Charles Sturt shares some of its 'Faces' and their remarkable stories.

Stories Behind the Faces

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