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Water Conservation

Clean water for our parks and wildlifeThe recent "Swap and Save" showerhead exchange program was an outstanding success with almost 1000 individuals attending our Civic and West Lakes Libraries during the month of November to participate. More than 1500 showerheads were exchanged.

This equates to a water saving in our community of over 59 mega litres (ML) every single year (or 59,304,000 litres of water to be precise).

That's about the same as 30 olympic-sized pools worth of water saved every year in the City of Charles Sturt.

We congratulate the Charles Sturt community for this excellent result!

Our water use

The water we all use in Charles Sturt comes from a range of sources. These include catchments in the Adelaide Hills and the Murray Darling Basin, rainwater from our rooftops and water from below the ground.

The diagram below shows where our water comes from, and where it goes.

At the City of Charles Sturt, we have already halved our irrigation for every day we water.

Over time, we plan to further reduce our reliance on water from the River Murray by using less water and increasing our use of rainwater and recycled stormwater.

Water%20use%20diagram Water use diagram  (3011 kb) 

Building a new home or extending?

You may be required to include a rainwater tank with your development.

D34. Stormwater Management Plan (170 kb)


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