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As Manager Engineering Strategy & Assets, Sue is responsible for the asset management of engineering assets and delivery of projects related to roads, footpaths, stormwater, traffic and public lighting.  Apart from the operational delivery of these projects and day-to-day jobs such as customer requests for traffic control and lighting maintenance, her area also is responsible for major project, Port Road Drainage.

Sue believes that what makes Charles Sturt such a great place to work is that no two days are the same, creating constant challenge. No request, complaint or project is the same so there are always new solutions to be found for issues that may arise. 

Starting her career at Charles Sturt as Coordinator Engineering Works at the Beverley Works Depot, it wasn’t long before the opportunity to become a Manager presented itself. Charles Sturt prides itself on the opportunities it provides its people, and Sue agrees that the development and support is second to none having never previously worked for an organisation that provides such career development opportunities.

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