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Development Application Form

A Development Application form is to be submitted to Council as development approval is required for:

  • New buildings and structures
  • Alterations to existing buildings and structures
  • Changes to how a building or structure is used
  • Demolition of existing buildings and structures
  • Land division or boundary realignment
  • Pruning or removal of regulated and/or significant trees
  • Modifications or painting to a State Heritage Place
  • Fortifications
  • Demolition, conversion or external painting where the colour has changed to a Local Heritage Place

What are the costs?

Please click here to view the application fees.  

  1. Fees will be determined once the application has been received and you will be advised accordingly.
  2. Ensure that no credit card details are included in any supporting documentation to avoid it becoming publicly available.
  3. Lodgement of the application will not take place until all relevant information has been received and fees have been paid.

What you need to know?

  1. Refer to the Development Information Guides relevant for your development.

How to lodge application?

  1. Complete the Application form.

What happens next?

  1. An officer will review your application and respond accordingly.

Who to call for help?

Planning and Development Portfolio
Phone: (08) 8408 1111

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