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Council Officers have an obligation to manage parking and at times expiation notices are issued for offences under legislation including the Australian Road Rules. There are a range of different parking controls and facilities within the City of Charles Sturt to make accessing the area easy and safe.

If you have a complaint about illegal parking, please contact our Customer Contact Centre on 8408 1111. 

The information below is provided as a general guide and should not be taken as legal advice.

Penalties and Payment

Please Note:

The following information is provided to assist motorists who may have been issued with an Expiation Notice. You are strongly encouraged to refer to the actual legislation prior to making any decision in relation to payment of an Expiation Notice issued. It should also be noted that only some of the most common offences have been listed on this page.

Under the Expiation of Offences Act, infringement notices need not be attached to vehicles. Details of the offence may be taken and an expiation notice posted to the registered owner of the vehicle. On occasions, it is not safe for the officer to place a notice on a vehicle for various reasons. These may include heavy traffic, adverse weather conditions or situations where the offender may have driven off before the notice could be placed.

Late fees may be added to any expiation if payment is not made within 28 days. Failure to pay expiation to Council may result in the expiation being referred to the Fines Enforcement & Recovery Unit where further penalties may apply.

The Expiation of Offences Act provides circumstances in which Council may withdraw a notice. 

If you believe your parking fine was issued incorrectly or you have additional information you would like considered, you can request a review in writing.  Please read the Parking Expiation Review Information (below) and include  any relevant supporting evidence with your request for review::

Parking Expiation Review Information (122 kb)  

Statutory Declaration for Parking Expiations - Submission for Review Form (150 kb)

Payment for Expiation Notices may be made in person using cash, credit card, cheque or money order at the City of Charles Sturt Civic Centre. Personal payment can also be made at Findon, Henley, Hindmarsh and West Lakes Libraries which can only be done using a Credit Card. Postal payments may be made using a cheque or money order. Payment may also be made over the telephone using a MasterCard or Visa Card. Online payments can be made on our web site by accessing the online payments feature:

Pay Expiation Notice - Online Payments

If you cannot afford to pay by the due date, you can request a payment arrangement.  For further information about payment arrangements, visit

All fees associated with offences against the Australian Road Rules are determine by the State Government and reviewed on an annual basis. Councils do not set the fee structure.

Dispute Expiation Notice

As the owner or driver, you can appeal your Expiation Notice and there are specific grounds on which you can appeal set out in legislation. More information requesting a review of a parking Expiation can be found here – Parking Expiation Review Information.

For special meaning of trifling, see section 4(2) Expiation of Offences Act 1996.

Most disputes are responded to within 10 working days. However, delays can sometimes occur. Once a dispute is received the expiation will be held and no further action will be taken until the response is sent to you.  If you have not received a response within 30 days of submitting your dispute please contact the Council on 8408 1111.

Prior to making a decision in relation to payment of an Expiation Notice issued, you may like to refer the relevant legislation.  Information about the common offences, payment options and the dispute process has been provided on this page. 

  • Relevant Legislation

  • Nominating a Driver or Owner

  • Penalties and Payment

  • Common Parking Controls and Offences

  • Residential Parking Permits

Nominating a Driver or Owner

If related to a vehicle, the Expiation Notice will remain in the name of the registered owner unless a statutory declaration is received indicating the driver at the time or new owner of the vehicle.  If you want to nominate another driver or new owner, you cannot do this online. You will need to download, print, complete and return a statutory declaration for Parking Expiations to indicate the responsible parties’ details. This document needs to be witnessed by a Justice of the Peace.

Justice of the Peace service availability

If you have sold the vehicle recently you may submit a copy of the completed and signed disposal notice rather than completing a statutory declaration. Always ensure you retain a copy of the disposal Notice for your own records.


The Council officer’s observations and notes form the basis for the decision to issue a fine. Photographs and other forms of evidence support the officer’s observations and may provide the vehicle owner with information about the fine. Whilst not required, photographs are available for viewing via the online payments portal - Online Payments.

How To Proceed With Your Dispute

Don’t delay payment just because you can’t decide what to do. Failure to pay or take any other action within 28 days will result in costs being added to the expiation. If you believe there is a good reason for you not to pay the expiation, you can:

  • Submit a Statutory Declaration for Parking Expiations – Submission for Review Form

  • If you were not the driver at the time of the alleged offence, you can complete and forward a Statutory Declaration with the full name and address of the person who was driving.

  • Have your case heard by the Court. You can choose to have your matter dealt with in the relevant Court by completing the Election to be Prosecuted form on the Expiation Notice. Return the completed form to PO Box 1, Woodville SA 5011.

Call our Customer Contact team on 8408 1111 for advice on how to dispute.

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