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Development & Infrastructure

Statement of Representation

Under the Development Act 1993, any person may, in accordance with regulations, make a representation in writing to the relevant authority in relation to a Category 2 or Category 3 development application.

Please note that pursuant to section 38(17) of the Development Act 1993, if the application involves a Category 2 notification and you were not entitled to receive notice of the application in accordance with the Development Act 1993 and Development Regulations 2008, you cannot make a representation in relation to the application.

What are the costs?

There are no fees associated with submitting a representation.

What do you need to know?

  1. The Statement of Representation form requires persons making a representation to describe the reasons for their representation based on the Development Plan provisions and how the issues would be overcome. All elements of the Statement of Representation Form need to be completed for your application to be valid.
  2. All required information is provided including:
    • the name and address of the representor
    • a nominated a primary person making the representation where the representation includes multiple signatures, if this is not nominated the first name on the representation can be used
    • the reasons for the representation; and
    • whether they want to be heard

How to lodge a representation?

What happens next?

  1. You will receive an email acknowledging receipt of your representation.
  2. After the public notification period ends, you may receive an invitation to the Council Assessment Panel meeting depending on if your representation indicates a desire to be heard or not.

Who to call for help?

Planning and Development
Phone: (08) 8408 1111

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