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Street Tree Planting

Street tree planting is carried out on a by request basis. Requests will only be accepted from the ratepayer of the requesting property address. If you would like to have a tree planted, requests must be received by the end of August, as the planting of trees in streetscapes occurs from July to the end of September.  This is to take advantage of the wetter & cooler months where the ground is moist and for improved establishment. A bucket, gloves, information sheet and liquid fertiliser will be supplied to help look after the tree.

What are the costs?

There are no fees.

What do you need to know?

Prior to tree planting the ratepayer must agree to the planting and to watering the tree for a minimum of three years. 

The following principles are considered in relation to any new street tree or streetscape planting to ensure a holistic approach:

  • plant characteristics which include a tree’s tolerance in paved surfaces, pest and disease resistance, life span, root growth characteristics and litter potential
  • available growing space which includes street and verge width
  • growing conditions (i.e. soil type, aspect)
  • a minimum 1 metre footpath width for pedestrians and wheelchairs
  • having suitable clearances to minimise interference to underground and overhead services
  • the amount of vegetation overhang from private property that could limit tree growth and form
  • having suitable clearances from driveway crossovers
  • availability of tree species
  • neighbouring and surrounding landscape character

Trees are selected from existing dominant tree species in the street, however, if the tree species is not on the current list, another tree species can be chosen. If the existing tree species is too large for the verge an alternate tree species may be selected depending on location.

Consultation occurs with residents if they request for this to occur or if there is a problem with the location or if they nominate a tree species that is inappropriate.

Where a request is received for Whole Street Planting, this is listed for consideration and a drive through inspection is made to assess suitability. If not selected for a particular year, it rolls over to the next year for consideration.

How to request a service?

  1. Complete a Contact Form or email us: noting the specific location, nature of the request and contact details if you wish to be notified or further information is required.

What happens next?

You will receive an acknowledgement notification with your customer request number and your request will be assigned to the relevant team for action.

Who to call for help?

Customer Contact
08 8408 1111

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