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Home-based Food Business Notification

Home based food businesses provide an opportunity for low risk food producers to enter the industry as a low cost trial before purchasing or renting a shop or as a small scale operator.

You are considered a home-based food business if you process, manufacture and/or sell food from a residential premises. The meaning of ‘sell’ is very broad and includes retail sale, child care services where food is provided, catering, market food stall, food given away for advertising or fundraising purposes, bed & breakfast and more.

All food businesses, including those that are based in a domestic environment, need to notify their operation with Council via a Food Business Notification Form, and comply with the Food Act 2001 and Food Safety Standards.

What are the costs?

There are no costs associated with notifying your food business.

Food businesses are subject to routine inspections, generally every 12 months, that do incur a fee.

Routine inspections and all follow up inspections where non-compliances are identified:

Premises with 20 or less full time food handlers $127.00 (GST not applicable)


Fees prescribed by South Australian Food Regulations 2017 and are subject to change.

What do you need to know?

See our Home Based Food Business Brochure for what you need to know when considering a home food business. You also may require development approval, please see our Working From Home information or contact our Development team on 8408 1111.

How to apply?

  1. Review the Home Based Food Business Brochure and determine the risk category your business fits into.
  2. Complete a Food Business Notification Form.

What happens next?

Once Council has received your Notification form you will be sent a Certificate of Notification and a Food Safety Information Kit. You will then be contacted by the Environmental Health Team to arrange an inspection of your business.

Who to call for help?

Environmental Health
Phone: (08) 8408 1111

Other helpful information

Depending on the scale of your home business you may require Development Approval:  Working from Home.

Food businesses often discharge waste water that needs to be declared with SA Water. Please see the SA Water Trade Waste page for further information:

New to starting a business? See SA Government - planning a new business for some guidance on where to start and some basic requirements.

Food Standards Australia New Zealand provides helpful links to the Food Safety Standards, labelling requirements, nutrition panel information, and much more.

I’m Alert Food Safety Training is available for free on the Charles Sturt website.

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