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Development & Infrastructure

Development & Infrastructure

Point Malcolm

Point Malcom contains a number of passive recreation facilities and the Semaphore Park Surf Life Saving Club. The assets on the reserve have been in decline and have been identified for renewal through Councils Asset Management Plan. The reserve is currently underutilised due to poor visual surveillance and a perception of unsavoury behaviour particularly in the southern end of the reserve. Point Malcolm is used regularly for events and by the SLSC during the summer period. The reserve contains a number of features that support further development including a public toilet, large car park and connection to the Coast Park.

The City of Charles Sturt Open Space Strategy defines Point Malcom as a regional destination and recreation destination recognising that it is an important parcel of open space that caters for a wide catchment.

The Open Space Strategy specifically identifies a number of key objectives for the redevelopment of Pt Malcolm.

Develop a Master Plan and establish a high quality recreation destination with linear connections and enhanced picnic and play settings, event spaces and landscapes. Also consider the potential for youth recreation facilities and a regional play destination with nature based play;

  • Deliver an event space and reinforce place activation by facilitating events and diversity of uses.
  • Deliver of a regional play space incorporating nature play with a youth focus.
  • Deliver  an area for casual sport.
  • Reinforce the connection with Coast Park and better walking paths/networks.
  • Reinforce the natural dune environment.
  • Deliver recycled water to the reserve.
  • Deliver improved passive recreation facilities

In 2016 Council undertook extensive consultation for the development of the reserve; this included community workshop, feedback forms, online survey, workshop with a local school, staff input, and critical analysis by leading professionals and allied stakeholders.

This consultation identified a clear vision for the space with a set of guiding principles:


  • Open access to caravan park and surf lifesaving club.
  • Providing edge treatments that define space and provide a legible way to navigate through the space and providing spaces for respite and viewing/surveillance/promenade.
  • People are looking for opportunities for social interaction.
  • Unsavoury activities is a perception often associated with young people
    ‘She would stay there if there was something for her to do’.


  • Encourage people to take risks
    ‘It doesn’t need to be safer, but a feeling of safe’.


  • Providing for unknown needs. Looking for surprise and delight.
  • Changing environment.
  • Sense of surprise and unique areas.


  • Look for champions in the community who will continue to curate the place and activate the reserve once the redevelopment is complete.
  • Build confidence within the community and create a sense of permission.
  • How do we give permission and create ownership?
    ‘signage should be required to tell people how to use a space’.


  • What are the economic drivers that add benefit to a public space?
  • How can you change a public space over time?
  • Change adds interest to a public space.
  • Think outside what you would do normally on a typical reserve, partnership and advocate.

The design included:

  • Separate junior and senior play spaces; the intention is to create a diversity of play experiences catering for a number of different age groups. The play spaces will be connected but provide distinct challenges catering for specific age groups. The play space will also provide a graduation of play experiences that provide challenges and risks as children become more confident. Both spaces will provide inclusive play experiences and themed areas.
  • Inclusion of nature play; the play space will include opportunities for all ages groups to experience and engage with natural elements. It is proposed that the younger area includes sand and water play while the older area includes climbing and discovery.
  • Increase of the irrigated turf area; turf area and quality will be improved across the reserve providing more opportunities for picnic/event/ball play/etc.
  • Improved barbecues and picnic facilities; picnic facilities will be better distributed around the site and located with complimentary facilities providing a better engagement with the reserve and play areas.
  • New full court basketball; the existing courts will be upgraded and lighting included to create a more active space into the early evening.
  • Improved opportunities for casual sport and recreation; it is proposed that junior soccer goals are included catering for a demand in passive recreation.
  • Improved paths; a new path network will provide more opportunities for walking and running with key locations for fitness equipment, a number of the new paths will be lit and provide seating and rest stops.
  • Improved outdoor learning space; the existing amphitheatre in the south of the reserve is proposed to be upgraded and enhanced providing a formal space for outdoor class rooms closely linked to the nature play area and dunes.
  • New entry signage/artwork; to improve the visual indications and highlight the reserve new entry signage and art work is proposed to better promote the reserve.

Point Malcom will create a vibrant new reserve meeting the aspirations of the community providing a new play experiences, event space and passive recreation facilities.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long it is expected to go on for?
Works are expected to be completed by the end of July 2017

Who is carrying out the actual works?
Council staff are undertaking the works with the assistance of specialist contactors to complete specific components, concrete, irrigation, playground installation.

Can people still use the reserve for small events – ie less than 60 (picnics etc)?
Yes, parts of the reserve are still open to the public. If you are using the reserve please stay away from the construction site and any areas where machinery is operating.

Who is Council contact?
If you would like further details on the project please contact;
Sue Tripodi
Administration & Consultation Officer
Open Space, Recreation & Property
T: (08) 84081306 E:

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