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Care today for shade tomorrow

Street Tree 2The City of Charles Sturt has more than 45,000 street trees. Healthy trees provide significant environmental, aesthetic and economic benefits for your street and wider community. Trees contribute to the creation of valuable shade, reduce stormwater runoff and air temperatures and most importantly make your street lush and green.

What is the best way to water juvenile trees?

During the warmer and dryer months, juvenile trees require two or three buckets of water near their trunk on a weekly basis. Thorough soaking is encouraged to reduce the chance of the tree developing a shallow or surface root system. Maintaining the basin that was created around the base of the tree when it was planted will assist in achieving deep watering.

What is the best way to water established trees?

When a tree is established, their root system grows outwards and away from the trunk, this means you should water the tree around the "Drip line" at the edge of the canopy.

Can I use grey water around trees?

The use of clean non-potable (non drinking) water from baths, showers and washing machines (using biodegradable detergent) will assist the trees. Applying non-potable water evenly and slowly will minimise water run-off into the street gutter.

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