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Special Event Film or Photo Shoot

The City of Charles Sturt is a very attractive place for photography and film making. If you are conducting filming or undertaking a photo shoot for a special event within the City of Charles Sturt you will need to seek prior Council approval.

What are the costs?

There is a non-refundable Application Fee of $110 per day on approval of your application, you will also be required to pay a bond of $250 which will be refunded as long as there are no breaches to the conditions or damage to the area.  An invoice will be sent once approval has been granted.

The following Temporary Parking Controls may also apply:

  • Installation and removal of signs $170 per day
  • Per car space $10.00 per day each car

Community Groups and Students are eligible to claim a series of subsidies under the below categories:

  • Student – 100% 
    To receive this subsidy the student will need to provide proof of study on the appropriate letterhead.
  • Community Event /Non Profit Organisations – 20% 
    To receive this subsidy the Event Organiser must prove that the organisation/committee is non-profit or does not operate as a commercial entity. The organisation must prove that they are registered in this manner by documentation by the Australian Tax Office
  • Organisation is based in the City of Charles Sturt – 10% 
    The company/organisation holding the event must be located within the City of Charles Sturt boundary.
  • Proceeds go to Charity – 20% 
    The Event organiser must provide a Certificate for Registered Charity, which should be available from the Australian Tax Office

To apply, please complete the ‘Hire Subsidy Special Event’ form in the ‘How to apply’ section

What do you need to know?

You will need to supply the following information with your application:

  • Certificate of Currency showing a minimum twenty million dollars ($20,000,000) Public Liability Insurance
  • Site plan of the area (if applicable)

If claiming a Student subsidy you will need to provide proof of study on the appropriate letterhead for the organisation (e.g. University, School or Tafe).

If claiming a Community Event / Non Profit Organisation subsidy you will need to provide proof of registration from the Australian Tax Office.

If proceeds go to Charity, you will need to provide a Certificate for Registered Charity.

Applications will be considered within 10 (ten) business days from the date that all required information has been lodged with the Council.

How to apply?

What happens next?

You will receive an email acknowledging receipt of your application.

The assessment process will occur within ten (10) business days and will include:

  • confirmation of your details and required documentation supporting your application
  • investigation of your proposed activity.

On approval, you will be provided with confirmation of the approved activities.

Who to call for help?

Community Safety 
Phone: (08) 8408 1111

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