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A Year-Round Holiday: The Histories of West Lakes

Susan Marsden

A Year-Round Holiday - The Histories of West LakesWest Lakes was created in the 1970s, transforming what many considered a wasteland of swamp and sand into well-groomed waterways and suburbs. Who carried out this vast engineering and urban project? Were perceptions of the area consistent with reality, before and after the signing of the West Lakes Indenture in 1969?

‘A Year-Round Holiday’ covers an extensive and environmentally complex region, now a large swathe of western metropolitan Adelaide. Stepping back through nearly 200 years in time she reveals a diversity of people and pursuits, not least of them ornithology and Australian Rules football.

Commissioned by the City of Charles Sturt, and published in partnership with Wakefield Press, this book is a must for anyone interested in South Australian history, the development of metropolitan Adelaide, environmental heritage, and Australian town-planning.

‘A Year-Round Holiday’ can be purchased from Charles Sturt libraries, Civic Centre, or online at

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