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Augmentation, Relocation & Extinguishment of Recycled Water Services

Modification of Connections and New Connections from Water Mains

Recycled WaterIn some instances you may require Council to modify an existing connection to suit the location of your new building, extinguish a service that is no longer required, provide a larger connection to accommodate a multi-unit development or install a new connection directly from the recycled water mains.

System Augmentation – means providing a larger sized connection to a property where a standard 20mm residential connection is unable to accommodate the size of development planned for construction or a new installation of connection directly from the water mains.

System Extinguishment – means permanently removing a connection from the recycled water network.

System Relocation – means relocating the current service connection to another point within 4 meters of the current service connection.

When making an application to Council for any of the above services please contact the Water Business Unit Coordinator on 8408 1111 in the first instance to discuss your needs.

Once your requirements have been determined, please complete the form Application – Recycled Water Service Relocation/Augmentation/Extinguishment and lodged with site plan diagrams and necessary measurements identifying the current location/proposed location/new location as is appropriate to your application.

Recycled Water Service Relocation/ Augmentation/ Extinguishment - Application

Council will assess the lodged application and provide written quotations for requested changes within 30 days.  Quotations will remain valid for a period of 30 days from issue of the quotation.

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