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Regional Public Health Plan

Regional Public Health Plan 2014 - 2019 The City of Charles Sturt’s Regional Health Plan 2014-2019 is a legislative requirement of the South Australian Public Health Act 2011.  This five year plan identifies the key strategies, actions and projects that the City of Charles Sturt will deliver to prevent disease, protect public health and promote good health and wellbeing.  Many of these activities are taken directly from, or refer to, Council’s existing suite of strategic plans.  The approach adopted in the development of this inaugural public health plan is recognised as being appropriate, as existing strategic planning documents, led by our Community Plan 2013-2027, have health and wellbeing as integrated objectives.

Council’s Regional Public Health Plan has been developed having regarding regard to the inaugural State Public Health Plan (SPHP), “South Australia: A better place to live”, and specifically its 4 strategic priorities:

  • Stronger and healthier communities and neighbourhoods for all generations.
  • Increasing opportunities for healthy living, healthy eating and being active.
  • Preparing for climate change.
  • Sustaining and improving public and environmental health protection.

For more details please contact Adam Filipi, Team Leader Environmental Health, on 8408 1256.

Regional Public Health Plan 2014 - 2019 (3106 kb)

Regional Public Health Plan 2014-2019 - Abridged Document (2786 kb)

State Public Health Plan – South Australia: A better place to live

South Australia State Public Health Act 2011

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