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Food Safety for Business

Food Safety 2Do You Own or Operate a Food Business? Have you Notified Council?

In accordance with the Food Act, a food business must notify Council of their food handling operations by providing their food business contact details on the designated notification form. Notification to Council makes our Environmental Health Officers aware of all food businesses in the City, but also to make sure that the business owners are aware of their requirements under the Food Act and associated Food Safety Standards.

By notifying Council prior to any food business operations, a pre-opening inspection can be arranged (free of charge) to assist the owner with design/layout advice. In addition, a Food Safety Kit will also be sent which provides the business with relevant food safety information including a copy of the Food Safety Standards.

Food Safety Kit

Please be aware that it is an offence to not notify Council and penalties may apply.

Food Business Notification Form

To notify Council simply complete and return a the above form.  Notification is required 14 days prior to opening and is only required once, unless your business details change.

Opening a new business?

Along with the requirements above, you may require planning approval to open the new business.

Home Based Food Businesses (178 kb)
Change of Land Use (170 kb) 
Working from Home (167 kb)

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