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Media Responses

Responses to Media Queries

We are committed to providing accurate, timely information to our residents, businesses and the wider City of Charles Sturt community.

We aim to be open, honest and transparent with the information we provide – whether it is a legislative requirement to provide the information, or whether we share it as part of our commitment in sharing information with our community. Our aim is to exceed best practice when it comes to providing information.

We have a wide range of Public Registers that are available to view online, or in person at our Civic Centre. The list includes information on gifts and benefits received by staff and Elected Members, information on Elected Member allowances and benefits and also includes information about staff salaries.

At the City of Charles Sturt, we have over 115,000 residents and a large number of services and projects delivered to the community. Because of this, we often feature in the news. Here you can read our responses to the media, so you can get a full picture of City matters that could affect you.

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