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Development & Infrastructure

Greenways & Cycling Routes

Sharrow_exampleThe City of Charles Sturt is working with the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure to improve cyclist safety on our local streets, improve access to services and facilities, encourage active lifestyles and increase cycling as a mode of travel.

Strategy for Walking and Cycling (4550 kb)

To highlight the local streets that are best suited for cycling along, you will see painted bicycle logos and blue signs on all of the streets which are designated as part of the Bikedirect network.  Maps showing these cycling routes can be found here: Cycling Maps (2207 kb)

Along the Outer Harbor 'Greenway' (a cycling route made up of local streets and paths next to the railway line), different painted logos called 'sharrows' have been used.  A sharrow is a bicycle logo with two chevrons, or ‘arrows’, above it.  These are placed closer to the centre of the street, unlike the standard bicycle logos which are placed next to the kerb.  The sharrows are intended to position cyclists away from parked cars (away from the ‘door zone’).

Bicycle logos & sharrows alert other road users to expect cyclists and remind people to share the road safely. The logos, sharrows and signs make it easier for cyclists to follow the route. They do not designate a particular part of the street  for the exclusive use of people riding bikes nor do they affect parking or vehicle access.

When driving on a Greenway route or a local street that is used by cyclists, be alert for people riding bikes. Please remember to pass cyclists at a safe distance.

Cyclists travelling along local streets including the Greenway route need to follow the road rules.

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