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Graffiti Removal

Be Graffiti Free

The City of Charles Sturt is committed to providing a clean and safe environment for its residents.  Unsightly graffiti occurring on private and public property needs to be reported to Police then removed as quickly as possible.  Rapid removal has been proven to reduce the likelihood of graffiti reoccurring.

By working together, Council, residents, ratepayers and the Police can achieve the goal of a ‘clean city’.

Graffiti is damage to property

Council encourages all affected property owners to report Graffiti as ‘property damage’ to your local Police station.  If you witness Graffiti vandalism occurring ring the Police immediately on 131 444.

Can I get help with graffiti removal?

Residential Property - Homeowners who have graffiti on their property can call Council on 8408 1111 and get assistance with graffiti removal by reporting the details of the graffiti size, colour and the type of surface defaced.  A consent form giving permission for Council to assist will be sent to them and this must be signed and returned.

Once consent has been obtained, offensive graffiti will be removed within 2 working days and non-offensive within 5 working days by trained volunteers.  The method of removal used will depend on the type of surface affected.  Generally tags will either be painted over or removed using proven substances and high pressure water spray.

Commercial Property - Commercial Property owners are encouraged to make their own arrangements for Graffiti Removal. Further information or advice is available by calling Council on 8408 1111.

How can I do it myself?

Do it yourself - Council also has a self-help scheme where residents can access vouchers for free paint from the Civic Centre or any of its libraries. The voucher will allow residents to obtain up to 2 Litres of paint to enable them to paint over graffiti on their property.

What if it's not my property?

Council Property - Council is responsible for removal of graffiti from Council owned property such as parks, bus shelters, street signs etc.  Residents are encouraged to report the details by calling Council on 8408 1111 for prompt removal.  Offensive graffiti will be removed within 2 working days and non-offensive within 5 working days.

Public Property - Graffiti on other public property can also be reported to Council on 8408 1111.  Council will then forward on your report to the relevant public property owner (eg SA Power Networks, Transport SA, Telstra) for removal.

We rely on Volunteers

Council relies on the vital contribution of volunteers to keep the City clean.  Persons over 18 years of age are encouraged to consider volunteering for this program.  Volunteers are fully trained in the use of removal equipment and substances. For further information contact our Volunteer Service Development Officer on 8408 1828.

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