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Freeman Roll

Freeman of the City

Honorary Freeman of the City is an honour that is bestowed upon an individual who has served the City of Charles Sturt, its community and beyond with outstanding and dedicated service over many years and often beyond the normal call of duty. This eminent service is of such a special quality and rendered to the community by a person of distinction over a period of years, that it may warrant consideration of an honour by the Council.

Recognition of Honorary Freeman of the City is not to be given lightly and a high standard for the award must be maintained at all times. If a Freeman is elected to Council, the Freemanship shall be suspended for the period of office.

Keys to the City

Presenting a key to the city is a tradition which dates back to medieval times, when many cities were enclosed by walled fortifications. An ornamental key is presented to the recipient that the Council wishes to honour for service to the community.

Current Freeman and Freedom of the City Roll and Keys to the City Roll - City of Charles Sturt (166 kb)

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