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Dog Registration

Microchip DogAll dogs must be registered by 3 months of age, or within two weeks of ownership. The registered owner must be over the age of 16.

The annual registration is valid from 1 July to 30 June each year. Regardless of the initial registration date, all dog registrations are due for renewal between 1 July and 31 August.

How do I register my dog?

Dog registrations are completed through the Dogs and Cats Online state-wide dog registration database (

Dogs and Cats Online is a database of all South Australian dog and cat records and is managed by the Dog and Cat Management Board. Along with a simplified online registration and renewal process, Dogs and Cats Online also allows dog and cat owners to easily update their pet’s microchip, health and breeder details, or where their dog might be staying while they’re away on holidays.

  • You can complete your dog’s registration by accessing on your smartphone, computer or tablet and entering the following relevant information about yourself and your dog:
    • Email address
    • Driver’s license
    • Any concession cards
    • Any certificates of microchipping, desexing or approved training certificate* (see note below)
    • Applicable exemptions for microchipping or desexing.

Alternatively, you can visit our Civic Centre and libraries (EFTPOS payments only) during business operating times and complete the registration in person or by contacting Customer Contact on 8408 1111.

*Please note if you are initially registering your dog over the phone you will still need to upload the relevant documents to Dogs and Cats Online.

Registration renewals (1 July to 31 August) will be sent via e-mail, post or SMS to all registered owners in July each year depending on the selected preferred contact method.

Cats will also receive a renewal notice however they are a confirmation of your details in DACO and  DO NOT require payment. 

How much is dog registration?

Don’t forget concession card holders and applicable dog training completion can get further discounts from the set Non-standard and standard dog registration fees.  

See the fees here:

Standard dog
Microchipped and desexed


Non-Standard dog
Not Microchipped and/or not desexed

Under 6 months
Trained dog
A dog that has undertaken training from a trainer on the Force Free Trainer’s list:
Additional $5 off relevant registration fee
Concession card holders 50% off relevant registration fee
First year of registration for rescue dogs
For dogs obtained from the Animal Welfare League, RSPCA or any licenced animal rescue centre
No fee
Assistance dogs* No fee
Dogs involved in a dog business*
1 x Business dog
2 x Business dogs
3 x Business dogs
4 x Business dogs
5-10 x Business dogs
11-20 x Business dogs
21-30 x Business dogs
31+ x Business dogs

Miscellaneous Fees
Replacement disc fee
Late registration fee (after August 31)
New registrations between 1 and 31 June

No fee

* As defined by the Dog and Cat Management Act 1995

What is my dog’s registration tag number?

From 1 July 2018 and the introduction of a state-wide registration system through Dogs and Cats Online, dogs will now be provided with a lifetime registration number on a grey registration disc. This permanent number remains with the animal regardless of moving to a different council area or a transfer of ownership. The registration number provides information about the breeder of the dog and whether the dog is microchipped (and number), desexed (and the vet who performed the surgery), any control orders placed on the dog, and other historical information.

Your dog must be clearly identifiable via their registration number at all times. You can either add the tag to their collar, or ensure their registration number is engraved on their own ID disk, or embroidered into their collar.

You will receive your initial lifetime tag number with your first registration.

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