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Deliciously Safe

Deliciously safeExcellence in Food Safety

The City of Charles Sturt regularly inspects food businesses within the area to ensure that they are complying with the South Australian Food Act, Food Regulations and the National Food Safety Standards. The Deliciously Safe program recognises and rewards businesses who achieve excellent compliance at the routine inspections. Deliciously Safe is only awarded to businesses who are not eligible to receive a star rating under the State-wide Food Safety Rating Scheme.

Businesses that achieve excellent compliance with the requirements of the food laws at the time of their routine inspection are provided with a Deliciously Safe sticker and certificate. This sticker allows you as a customer to recognise their compliant status and provides you with confidence that the business has met food safety requirements. The sticker identifies the date of inspection where the food business was identified as having excellent compliance.

It is important to be aware that the Deliciously Safe sticker reflects the compliant status of the business at the time of inspection, which is specified on the sticker.

Deliciously Safe FAQ 
Deliciously Safe Business Brochure (1644 kb)
Deliciously Safe Community Brochure (1905 kb)


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