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Development & Infrastructure

Cross Council Irrigation Team

Irrigation Team

The Cities of Port Adelaide Enfield, Marion and Charles Sturt have joined forces to provide a cross council irrigation team to undertake Capital AMP Irrigation Upgrades across the three councils. This team consists of 4 field staff and an Irrigation Construction Supervisor who will work across the three councils to provide irrigation upgrade works each financial year to our playing fields, reserves and open spaces.

The irrigation upgrades are forecast to be delivered with the team made up of staff from Charles Sturt and Port Adelaide Enfield councils. All three councils are combining to provide the required equipment which will be allocated and costed to each council. A program has been developed to schedule the works on a prioritised 3-way basis, enabling the irrigation upgrades to be undertaken effectively and efficiently. Costing estimates for each of the irrigation upgrade projects have also been developed and will be monitored to ensure the team are delivering savings and are productive across the three councils.

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