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We value our trees and environment in Charles Sturt, and have many ways to protect and promote the importance of our trees. All trees and streetscapes owned or under Charles Sturt care and control are managed, maintained and developed in accordance with our ‘Tree and Streetscape Policy’. 

 This policy includes:

  • Reactive Tree Maintenance - where there is either a risk to public safety, property or is associated with other activities such as emergency road works.
  • Programmed Maintenance Works - reducing any risk with the tree or streetscape; extending the life and amenity of the tree or streetscape and maintaining or enhancing biodiversity and habitat. This includes the Whole Street Pruning and Reactive Street Tree Planting Programs.
  • Whole Street Planting – to ensure a consistent uniform planting approach, priorities for street selection are based on the overall condition of existing trees in the street and where there is an absence of trees in the street which also has appropriate planting locations or nature strip for tree establishment.

What do you need to know?

  • The Tree and Streetscape Policy outlines our responsibilities and processes for the management of trees.
  • All applications for Tree Removal on Council property must be made in writing, clearly stating the reason the tree should be removed and include any supporting information.  The application will be formally assessed in accordance with our ‘Tree and Streetscape Policy’ by appropriately qualified staff and will take into consideration the health, condition, structural integrity, level of risk and management options of the tree against specific criteria.  Where a tree is of good health and condition, all alternative measures should be fully investigated and any legislative requirement fulfilled.  Council will not remove the tree unless the person making the request can demonstrate to us a valid reason for the removal of the tree.
  • If a resident has a tree on their land that is interfering with the power lines that is their personal supply, it is the responsibility of the property owner to maintain their vegetation so that it doesn’t interfere with these lines.  If the privately owned tree, is overhanging their fence and hanging over the verge/footpath and is interfering with the power lines above Council land, then SA Power Networks will come out to prune the tree back from the lines.

    If a Council owned tree has limbs that are interfering with the power lines, SA Power Networks must be contacted to organise for the tree to be pruned. 

How to request a service?

  1. Complete a Contact Form or email us: noting the specific location, nature of the request and contact details if you wish to be notified or further information is required.

    If it is an immediate hazard please contact us on 08 8408 1111.

    For pruning of trees through power lines contact SA Power Networks on 131 261

What happens next?

You will receive an acknowledgement notification with your customer request number and your request will be assigned to the relevant team for action.

Who to call for help?

Customer Contact
08 8408 1111

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