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"Hello, I'm connected."

Get up to date Council information, find out about upcoming events and programs, ask questions and receive relevant news about your local area on our social networks. Don’t be shy, join in the conversation today!

We do our best to monitor our channels at all times but may not respond outside of business hours. If you're getting in touch with an urgent issue, please call us at any time on 8408 1111 instead of contacting us on social media. We also encourage you to report non-urgent issues requiring attention such as graffiti or damage to Council property via the My Local Services App.

Primary Council social media accounts

Facebook Logo - Small CityofCharlesSturt

Our Facebook page is the best place to find out what's happening in the City of Charles Sturt.

Twitter Logo - Small @CharlesSturtSA

Follow us on Twitter for information relevant to the local area.

Instagram Logo - Small @charlessturtsa

If you take photos in the local area, use #ccspics or #helloimcharlesturt so we can check them out. We may even feature them in an edition of Kaleidoscope!

Snapchat Logo CharlesSturtSA

Find out what's happening in the local area and see Charles Sturt through our eyes.

Facebook Logo - Small MayorAngelaEvans

The official Facebook page of the very busy Mayor Angela Evans.

Love the Westside

Love The Westside is our place making program which helps local people lead the change in their area to create places people love. Follow them on Instagram or Pinterest.

Competition Terms & Conditions

pdf Mission ImPawssible Prize DrawTerms & Conditions(179 kb)

Terms and Conditions of Social Media Use

The City of Charles Sturt’s social media accounts have been established to communicate with our community.

While we strongly encourage user participation and open discussion, we ask that your comments remain on topic, and are not defamatory, offensive, disrespectful, abusive or disparaging. Comments should not single out any staff member or Elected Member for negative comment.

The City of Charles Sturt Council retains the right to remove content that does not adhere to these conditions. If you see any online behaviour or content that does not adhere to these terms and conditions, please report it to our Contact Centre on 8408 1111, via our website or by email to

It’s important to us that we respond to you in a timely manner, however we are not available online 24/7 and will aim to provide a response (where required) within a 24 hour period.

Your access to and use of Council's online sites constitutes your acceptance of these terms and conditions.

Please note: The City of Charles Sturt does not endorse or take responsibility for content posted by third parties.

Social Media Principles

Council's use of social media aims to:

  • further inform, communicate and initiate community involvement and discussion about Charles Sturt's services and projects;
  • encourage resident and user participation and open discussion;
  • provide a timely response to comments to ensure that the community feels heard (with an aim to respond within a 24 hour period on a business day);
  • extend the reach of communication to a wider audience, and direct the community to Council information, consultation, events and images;
  • build and enhance relationships with the community and stakeholders;
  • provide a convenient, accessible and flexible form of service delivery to better support the community.

The following principles should apply to all forms of social media used by Council:

Transparency should be part of all social media communication. Charles Sturt will not create online communications designed to mislead the community or control a conversation. Every webpage, 'fan page' or hosted page that is controlled by Charles Sturt will clearly state its ownership and will be monitored as per internal protocols to track and monitor our online presence. Charles Sturt also requires that spokespeople using social media in an official capacity disclose to the community their identity (name and official title) within the organisation when associating with the public online.

Protection of our community's privacy as a collective and individually is very important. This means we need to be conscientious regarding any identifying information that we collect online, including how we store, use or share that information in line with Council's Privacy Policy.

Legal rights and Confidential or Protected information
Use of social media platforms should comply with relevant legislation at all times. Proprietary or confidential information should not be disclosed. Intellectual property including copyrights, trademarks, brand, rights of publicity and other third party rights online, including user‐generated content must be respected and not used without permission from the creator or copyright owner.

Responsible use of Technology
Users of social media should behave with courtesy, honesty and respect. Inappropriate behaviour, including harassment and bullying, as well as language that is offensive, abusive, disparaging, disrespectful, defamatory, discriminatory, or sexual in nature will not be tolerated. This includes singling out any individual (including Community Members, Elected Members or Staff members for negative comment. Council will not use or align Charles Sturt with any organisations, website or community groups that deploy the use of excessive tracking software, adware, malware or spyware. Any personal or individual use of social media is at the individual staff member or Elected Members discretion, however it is important that individuals are aware and are responsible for the implications of participating in social media where they reference Council or their relationship with Council and its brands.

Council members and staff must comply with their relevant Codes of Conduct as well as Social Media Protocols. When providing personal opinions, staff or Elected Members should disclose their first and last name and a statement to the effect that this is their personal opinion and may not represent the opinion of the City of Charles Sturt.

Best Practice
A number of new or refined Social Media options are developed each year, and we will aim to utilise best practice to meet Council and the community's needs, specifically in relation to timeliness and content of responses, listening to the online community, and ensuring that these best practices remain current and reflect up to date and appropriate standards of behaviour.

All personal complaints or grievances about the City of Charles Sturt Council and its services should be formally reported to Charles Sturt's Customer Contact Centre on 8408 1111 or emailed to Please refer to Council's Customer Experience Policy for further information.

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