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Recycled Water

WaterwayRecycled Stormwater

As a result of Water Proofing the West Stage 1 Project jointly funded by the Australian Federal Government, State Government and Charles Sturt, stormwater is collected, treated and made available for distribution to homes, businesses, parklands and selected key locations throughout the Charles Sturt area.  For information on this project please visit our Water Proofing the West webpage accessible by using ‘Related Links’ located on this page.

Harvested and treated recycled stormwater is distributed to homes using a very distinguishable ‘purple pipe’ or sometimes known as ‘lilac pipe’ system.  The recycled water is plumbed into homes for identified uses only.

The Essential Services Commission of South Australia issued Charles Sturt a South Australian Water Industry Retail Licence on 9 January 2013, allowing Council to retail water to residents and businesses.

Homes within the Bowden development who are connected to recycled water are being supplied recycled water from SA Water.   For general information in relation to recycled water in the Bowden development, please visit the SA Water website at  To contact SA Water in the event of supply interruptions to recycled water in the Bowden development, please call 1300 883 121.

What are the benefits for me and for our environment?

  • You are able to keep your gardens healthy, even during a drought.  Tank held rainwater is limited by the tank size, with a recycled water connection you are not limited by tank size.  Additionally, recycled water is not subject to the same water restrictions imposed during drought periods.
  • You are helping our reservoirs and the river Murray by reducing the water we take for things like watering gardens and washing cars.
  • You are helping reduce the amount of stormwater discharge into our marine environment that causes damage to important marine ecosystems.

Reclaim Pipes 45What can I use recycled water for?

You can use recycled water for flushing toilets, watering gardens, washing cars and paving, filling ornamental ponds and water features.

Recycled water cannot be used for drinking, cooking or other kitchen purposes, personal washing (baths/showers/hand basins and bidets), cleaning indoor households, filling swimming pools and spas, recreational activities involving contact (ie children playing under sprinklers etc), evaporative coolers or for pets.

Further Information

For further information please contact our Water Business Unit Coordinator on 8408 1111.

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