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Major Projects

Major Projects

Reducing Flooding Port Road Drainage Project

Stage Three Project Works

The Port Road Drainage Project Stage 3 will deliver flood mitigation within the Port Road median from Park Street South to Minnie Street. These works will extend the benefits realised in the Port Road Drainage Project’s previous stages, and will be Stage 3 of the PRD Project.

The City of Charles Sturt has secured up to $8.2million in funding from the Stormwater Management Authority and will fund the remaining with $16.3million already secured through the City of Charles Sturt Long Term Financial Plan. Stage 3 will include a 2.3km drainage upgrade and an underground detention tank to decrease flooding, the extension of our recycled water network, the upgrading of existing carparking including self-watering tree pits and DDA compliant parking spaces as well as the extension of the shared use path and lighting to both carparks and the shared use path.

Project Information

In collaboration with the Stormwater Management Authority (SMA), Charles Sturt will commence work in April 2019 and has an estimated completion date of December 2020. Stage Three of the Project will ensure that in a 1 in 100 year rainfall event, the Queen Elizabeth Hospital emergency entrance will remain accessible.

The Port Road Drainage Project’s previous stage saw the installation of underground drains in the Port Road central median between Old Port Road (Cheltenham) and Park Street South (Woodville), providing stormwater flood mitigation to suburbs of Albert Park, Cheltenham, Woodville West and Woodville in the Port Road stormwater catchment. Once the drains were installed, we planted mature trees, trees and shrubs, as well as creating irrigated grass areas. Our aim was to ensure our replacement planting created an attractive and environmentally responsible area for decades to come.

Like the Water Proofing the West - Stage 1 (WPW) Project, the Port Road Drainage Project (Stage 2 – complete and Stage 3) will have long term benefits for the community in mitigating the risk of flooding to the area.

The City of Charles Sturt has been working with the Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources (DEWNR), the Adelaide and Mount Lofty Ranges Natural Resource Management Board (AMLRNRMB) and the Stormwater Management Authority (SMA) for several years to provide a sustainable, non-potable water supply and reduced flood risks within the City of Charles Sturt area.

As with PRD Stage 2, the removal of some existing vegetation is required. Stage 3 will see the removal of 52 regulated or significant trees, as well as a number of smaller trees, bushes and shrubs. After the drainage installation, and as part of the landscaping works, more than 450 trees, 7,300 plants and nearly 60,000m2 turf together with associated irrigation will be installed, completing the upgraded median from Old Port Road through to King Street.

Benefits of the Port Road Drainage Project Stage 3 will be:

  • Access to the QEH Emergency even in time of significant storm events
  • Reducing flood risk for private and business properties along Port Road
  • Reduced frequency of water flooding the Port Road carriageways during storm events
  • Re-landscaped Port Road median with turf, trees and shrubs to improve the amenity of the area, with upgraded carparks and shared use path.
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