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Place Making

What is Place Making?

Place Making is a process, underpinned by collaboration, where local communities, businesses and other stakeholders work together to deliver rejuvenated public spaces that people love to visit, live or do business in.

Place Making is more than just activating a space, it is about the creation of meaningful areas that reflect the needs of the people who live there, the businesses that work there and the people that visit them.

By empowering communities to shape their own places we can build a local sense of ownership that results in building stronger communities. When place making is delivered within a main street, it can be a powerful catalyst to stimulate local economies and investment.

The importance of place making is multi-faceted, and results do not occur overnight.  So why place such importance on the philosophy? It creates places where:

  • People feel good and emotionally connected
  • Where they want to stay and return
  • Where they want to tell others about their experience

Those that live, work, invest and visit the City of Charles Sturt already know it is a place that is vibrant and full of opportunities.

If you have an idea big or small, then we want to hear from you.  Let’s work together to make your ideas a reality. 



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