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Pets of Charles Sturt

Pets of Charles Sturt

You're probably here because you have a pet, or maybe just because you really love animals! At Charles Sturt we celebrate our pet owners and encourage responsible pet ownership.

Pet ownership is extremely rewarding, and owning a pet can be associated with overall wellbeing. As with most things in life, pet ownership comes with certain responsibilities which contribute to happy and healthy lives with our pets.

Pets of Charles Sturt on Facebook

Follow the Pets of Charles Sturt Facebook page for the latest information about pet ownership, as well as helpful hints, information on upcoming pet events and, of course, cute animals.

You'll also be the first to hear about our annual Doggy Day events!

Show us your pets!

If you're a Charles Sturt local...

We want to see all of your fur, feather, fin and flipper babies, so start snapping and sharing!

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