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Overdue Items

What happens if you don’t return an item on time?

You will receive a reminder, no fee, by SMS or email, you can choose which is best for you.

If you don’t act on that reminder and the item remains overdue, the library that owns the book (remember, you will have access to any item from the ‘One Card’ network) will send you a notice.

If the notice is issued by the Charles Sturt Library Service it will include:-

  • Replacement cost of the item/s
  • $5 processing fee for each item

If the items are returned after this final notice from the Charles Sturt Library, the fees are cleared and there is no charge to you.

Please note: As we move to a more consistent system and rules across the ‘One Card’ network, please be aware local borrowing rules apply. We recommend you familiarise yourself with the local rules in the library you physically borrow from.

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