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Operation Bounce Back

Car Security Begins at HomeIncreasing Community Awareness that Car Security Begins at Home!

Advances in security technology have made it impossible to ‘hot wire’ a modern car. However, no matter how sophisticated these systems are, if a thief

  • Is able to steal your keys and transponder, your car could be gone long before you realise these items are even missing.
  • Many people think it won’t happen to them. But around one in every 120 Australian homes fall victim to car criminals each year.

The facts

  • In Australia a car is stolen every 12 minutes.
  • 70 per cent of late model vehicles are stolen with the keys.
  • Thieves are now targeting homes to steal car keys, which is a concern because:
    • Half of all cars stolen are taken from the home; and
    • Another 25 per cent are stolen from a garage or the street outside the owner’s home.
  • The thefts are almost always opportunistic, with offenders often entering premises through unlocked doors and windows.
  • Some offenders are prepared to enter occupied premises to quickly grab keys left in easily accessible spots.
  • The cars stolen in burglaries are mostly being used to commit other crimes, including other burglaries.

Car Security Begins at Home

By following a few simple steps to safeguard your keys at home you can greatly reduce your risks.

What can you do?

Enhance your home’s security – a secure home means a secure car. You can do this by:

  • Keeping trees and shrubs well-trimmed
  • Having security fencing, security doors and windows
  • Locking your house securely, installing a home security alarm and protecting your keys from theft
  • Lock doors and windows when gardening or working outside or in an isolated part of the house.
  • Keep your garage locked to restrict unauthorised access.
  • Motion activated external security lighting can deter intruders.
  • Plan and discuss with your family or housemates what to do in the event that you or they encounter an intruder entering or already in your home.

Download a free security assessment guide from and conduct an audit of your home’s security.

Safeguard your keys – they are worth as much as the value of your car:

  • Always store car keys out of view and away from external doors and windows.
  • Thieves mostly target the master bedroom first, followed by the living room and home office.
  • If the car is at home but you are out make sure you have all the keys with you. (When you are out, don’t leave keys unattended in bags, lockers or the like.)
  • Don’t tag your keys with your name or address – use a mobile phone number or driver licence number instead.
  • If your home has been broken into and your keys are stolen, change the cylinders in the locks or fit additional locks.
  • Never leave a spare set of house or car keys in your car.

Be a good neighbour: if you notice any suspicious activity report it immediately to Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or police on 131 444.

National Motor Vehicle Theft Reduction Council logoOperation Bounce Back: An initiative of the National Motor Theft Reduction Council and City of Charles Sturt

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