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Jet Skis

Jet SkiHenley Beach Restricted Area  – Personal Motorised Vessels (including Jet Skis) at Henley and Grange

Henley Beach will be a jet ski free environment over summer.  On 13 October 2016, the State Government introduced the Harbors and Navigation (Restricted Area Henley Beach) Variation Regulations 2016, which will permanently restrict all vessels fitted with an engine between the Torrens Outlet, Henley Beach South and Grange Road, Grange at any time between sunrise and sunset on any day during the period between 1 December and 31 March (inclusive) in any year.  This restriction will apply within 200 meters seaward of the low water mark. See map below.

Council has received feedback regarding the safety concerns associated with personal watercraft, in particular jet skis creating safety hazards for swimmers which prompted these measures to be implemented.

Aquatic Activity Licences were obtained over the past three years to exclude all personal watercrafts to operate within 200 metres of the shoreline between Grange Road, Grange and the River Torrens Outlet at Henley Beach South.  The introduction of these new Regulations achieves the same safety and environmental benefits as the previous Aquatic Activity Licences issued to the City of Charles Sturt, without the need to apply for these licences on an annual basis.

The introduction of these new Regulations is a positive outcome for our community. They will be enforced in partnership by the State Government’s Department for Planning, Transport and Infrastructure (DPTI) and Council’s Community Safety Officers.  

For more information contact Kristy Noakes, Team Leader Community Safety 8408 1151.

Whilst the restricted area applies at Henley Beach, motorised vessels including Jet Skis can be used at other locations along our coastline.  Access to the water is via local boat ramps, such as at West Beach as launching and retrieving of motorised vessels is not permitted from the foreshore within the Charles Sturt area.

Jet Ski Restriction Map

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