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Major Projects

Major Projects

Reimagining the future of our Libraries

Our Charles Sturt Library Service is currently made up of five branch libraries (Woodville, West Lakes, Findon, Henley Beach and Hindmarsh). These five branches weren’t created by design, but through council amalgamations and currently provide almost identical services in each location. We have an opportunity to reimagine how our libraries work – and before we make any changes, we will connect and engage with you as our community.

In recent times libraries have seen significant evolution from a place that was once all about physical books and information, to now a place where access to technology, free internet, learning opportunities, business engagement and experiences are all provided in one location.

A growing proportion of library collections are in electronic formats, from online information databases, e-books and e-magazines. In addition, with the introduction of the One Card Network, collections are moving away from the concept of ‘local’ holdings to an accessible State Wide collection of 4 million items.

The way communities interact with libraries is changing, and our Charles Sturt libraries need to respond strategically and operationally to these changes to meet community and industry expectations.

Across all of our libraries, there has been a gradual decline in visitation while the annual operating costs have been gradually increasing (rents, electricity, employee costs). While we haven’t finalised our strategy yet, we have shaped our future outlook on branch specialisation and differentiation of services – rather than every branch having the same services.

Before we make any changes, we will connect and engage with you as our community.

West Lakes Hub

Charles Sturt has commenced planning for the first of these reimagined libraries at the exciting new Community Hub. The proposed hub will bring together the existing West Lakes Library and the Community Centre services under one roof, creating a vibrant, attractive and modern facility that will enhance the connections, creativity and within our community.

The vision is to create a next-generation, integrated community place that is recognised as a centre of excellence for literacy, learning, innovation and discovery. A place where the community can meet, connect, share or just relax.

We are interested in designing spaces that meet community need whether it be community programs, library collections, digital needs, indoor and outdoor spaces, but most importantly meet the needs of diverse groups in our community at different times of the day and night.

Council recently asked what you would like to see and do at the new community hub, and we heard from approximately 500 people. You can read here what they had to say and the results of the consultation HERE.

The project value is $8.2m (net $5m cost to Council). Site location, costings and scope of works will be determined in late 2018/ early 2019. Read the project Fact Sheet for more information.

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