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Food Safety Rating Scheme

The City of Charles Sturt is participating in the voluntary State-wide Food Safety Rating Scheme (the Scheme).  The Scheme, also commonly known as ‘scores-on-doors’, has been developed by SA Health in conjunction with representatives from the food industry, consumers and local government. 

The scheme is used to inform consumers about how well a food business complies with the Food Safety Standards at the time of their unannounced routine inspection by providing a score, in the form of stars, for businesses to voluntary display at their discretion.

  • 5 Stars = Excellent
  • 4 Stars = Very Good
  • 3 Stars = Good
  • Businesses who receive a rating of less than 3 stars are not eligible for participation in the Scheme.

The star rating is determined from routine council inspections which focus on the food safety risks associated with the types of food handled and how safely those foods are prepared. It provides consumers with information about the safety of food service establishments and therefore is an important way of helping consumers to make informed choices about where they decide to purchase food.  This increased level of consumer awareness also aims to drive an improvement in compliance with food safety legislation and in turn, improve public health through a reduction in food borne illnesses. 

Certificates are awarded once a routine council inspection is undertaken and any non-compliance matters are rectified.  It is important to recognise that it is optional for a business to display their rating and only food service businesses such as hotels, restaurants, cafes, take-away shops, hotels and retail bakeries are eligible to participate in the Scheme. 

Further information regarding the Scheme, including supporting documentation and contact details, can be located on the SA Health Food Safety Rating Scheme website.

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