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Floodplain Mapping

Online Floodplain Mapping 

Online flood-plain maps indicate where stormwater will flow in a one-in-100 year rainfall event.

The flood data includes detailed flood spread mapping, colour coded via a legend for various flood depth ranges, and in particular provides flood depths along property boundaries.

View Floodplain maps


From the menu on the left hand side:

Click on Stormwater Flooding module then turn on the Stormwater Flooding layers.

You can search for an address using the Address Search at the bottom of the map and see their details on the right hand side.


 West Lakes Floodplain Mapping

On Monday the 10th May 2010, the new floodplain mapping for West Lakes Catchment was endorsed by Council.

Charles Sturt Council is progressively developing floodplain maps to identify flood risk and help us effectively manage stormwater.

The West Lakes Floodplain Map (download map below), produced using new computer technology, indicates the likely impact of stormwater flow in a one-in-100 year rainfall event in the West Lakes drainage catchment.

In the last five years, floodplain maps have been produced for 75% of the city's area, including Meakin Terrace, Trimmer Parade, Henley/Fulham, Port Road and TRDA catchments, and now West Lakes Catchment. It is anticipated that each catchment will eventually be analysed and mapped in a systematic order decided by Council.

The work is being undertaken by Tonkin Consulting, an acknowledged leader in stormwater management and drainage systems in Australia.

Letters and personalised maps have now been sent to property owners within the West Lakes Catchment who have been identified as being at risk of flooding in a 1 in 100 year rain event.

To view your property on our interactive online floodplain mapping site, please click the link to Online Floodplain Mapping (above).

Please contact Council on 8408 1111 should you have any further concerns or queries relating to West Lakes Floodplain mapping.

West Lakes Floodplain Map (811 kb)
West Lakes Floodplain Mapping Fact Sheet (231 kb)


 Development Information Guide - Stormwater Inundation

This development guide contains important considerations for properties identified as flood prone.

D33. Stormwater Inundation (161 kb)


 Storm Safety Information

It's important that Council work with residents on developing strategies to reduce the risk of flooding. While long-term improvements to the stormwater infrastructure are essential, it is extremely difficult to totally eliminate risk.

We strongly advise residents to introduce their own measures to alleviate flood hazards, just as people living in bushfire areas are asked to prepare for the fire season.

Storm safety information including ways to minimise the impact of a storm event can be found on the State Emergency Services website:

Storm Safety Information 

To download a copy of the Flood Action Guide released by Emergency Management Australia, click link below:

Flood Action Guide


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