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Dry Zones

A Dry Zone or Area is a designated area where the consumption and possession of liquor is prohibited under the Liquor Licensing Act 1997.

Dry Areas are located at:

  • Grange Area 1 - Jetty Street to Terminus St (including the Grange Jetty)
  • Henley Beach Area 1 - Marlborough Street to Grange Road
  • Henley Beach Area 2 - Henley Square (including the Henley Jetty) along Main street to East Terrace and to Gilmore Road, Henley Beach
  • Henley Beach South Area 1 - Torrens Outlet and Ozone Street
  • West Beach Area 1 - Burbridge Road to Chetwynd Street

The five Dry Areas are sign posted. A map is also placed at both the northern and southern boundary of each Dry Area.

Extended coastal dry area map (248 kb)

To assist us in monitoring the effectiveness of the Dry Areas you can report alcohol related incidents along the coast to police (telephone 131 444 where attendance is required).

Special Event Licenses

If a person is intending to host a party or organising an event (or series of events) where alcohol is to be sold, supplied or consumed then they may be required to obtain a liquor licence under the Liquor Licensing Act 1997. More information and instructions on applying for a limited license can be obtained from the Consumer & Business Services.

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