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Major Projects

Major Projects

Building for Tomorrow Completed Projects

A number of projects have now been completed as part of our focus on Building for Tomorrow; to reinvent and reinvigorate our City and the services we provide.

Waste Management Centre - Completed Projects - accordion

Redeveloping our Waste Management Centre


The all new Beverley Recycling and Waste Centre

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The $2.4million Beverley Waste Transfer Station redevelopment project was completed in 2018 and is now fully operational and open to the public.

The redevelopment aligned the centre to comply with EPA legislative requirements as well as Work Health and Safety requirements. There is a new disposal area, a “Sort n Save” recycling process, improved way finding, customer service and an increase in site safety.

The centre is now open to the public and can provide a range of waste services. For information on these services:

Waste Management Centre

Below: The Beverley Recycling and Waste Centre at the beginning of the construction

Redeveloping our Waste Management Centre


Point Malcolm Reserve - $1.2million

Point Malcolm Reserve - $1.2million


The Point Malcolm Reserve upgrade was completed at the end of 2017. Features include:

  • Separate play spaces for junior (2-6 year olds) and senior (7–15 year olds) kids
  • Coastal themed nature play area including creek and sandpit
  • Improved BBQ and picnic facilities
  • New full size basketball court with lights
  • More chances to play casual sport with a soccer field
  • Better paths for walking and cycling
  • Improved outdoor learning space with amphitheatre
  • New entry signage and artwork

The State Government contributed $200,000 to the project.

Point Malcolm Reserve


Point Malcolm Reserve junior playground

Point Malcolm Reserve aerial view at Doggy Day on the Green

Reducing Flooding Port Road Drainage Project - Completed Projects - Accordion

Reducing Flooding Port Road Drainage Project (Stage 1 & 2)





Stage 1 and 2 of the Port Road Drainage Project is now complete. The City of Charles Sturt is now focusing on the next area of flood mitigation – the Port Road median from Park Street South to Minnie Street in Stage 3. These works will extend the benefits realised in Stage 1 and 2 of the Port Road Drainage Project.

For more information check out Port Road Drainage Stage 3.

Project Information

In collaboration with the Stormwater Management Authority (SMA), Charles Sturt commenced work in January 2017. The Project will ensure that in a 1 in 100 year rainfall event, the Queen Elizabeth Hospital emergency entrance will remain accessible.

The Port Road Drainage Project installed underground drains in the Port Road central median between Old Port Road (Cheltenham) and Park Street South (Woodville), providing stormwater flood mitigation to suburbs of Albert Park, Cheltenham, Woodville West and Woodville in the Port Road stormwater catchment.

Once the drains were installed, we spent $4.67m to landscape the median once again, planting mature trees, trees and shrubs, as well as creating irrigated grass areas. Our aim was to ensure our replacement planting created an attractive and environmentally responsible area for decades to come.

Like the Water Proofing the West - Stage 1 (WPW) Project, the Port Road Drainage Project will have long term benefits for the community in mitigating the risk of flooding to the area.

The City of Charles Sturt has been working with the Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources (DEWNR), the Adelaide and Mount Lofty Ranges Natural Resource Management Board (AMLRNRMB) and the Stormwater Management Authority (SMA) for several years to provide a sustainable, non-potable water supply and reduced flood risks within the City of Charles Sturt area. We were successful in obtaining funding from various sources of Local, State and Australian Government for the Water Proofing the West - Stage One (WPW) Project.

The Port Road Drainage Project was just as exciting, providing a series of benefits for all local residents in the West. Council in consultation with the SMA Board agreed to focus only on the stormwater drainage and flooding components and to extend the proposed staging of the Project works to a scope that includes the area from the intersection of Old Port and Port Roads to Park Street South (east of Woodville Road).

Some benefits of the Port Road Drainage Project are:

  • Access to the QEH Emergency even in time of significant storm events
  • Reducing flood risk for private and business properties along Port Road
  • Reduce interruption to businesses due to flood risk
  • Reduced frequency of water flooding the Port Road carriageways during storm events
  • Channel more water in the Old Port Road water catchment which will improve the quality and allow for more water to be captured more water re-use is realised.

 Section between Stroud St South and High St

MJ McInerney Reserve - $723K

Playground equipment 2

We delivered a staged upgrade of MJ McInerney Reserve in Kilkenny to upgrade the facilities, ensuring the surrounding suburbs are able to use and interact together at the reserve.

The upgrade began in October 2018 and was completed in August 2019.

Features included:

  • Upgraded timber play space to include nature and water play
  • Increase in picnic facilities
  • New and upgraded paths
  • Upgraded reserve furniture
  • Event space
  • Turf irrigation
  • Toilet block
  • Basketball Court
  • Skate Park
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