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Citizen of the Year - Australia Day Awards

2019 Australia Day Awards - Nominations are now open

Nominate someone who you feel makes a difference in our community

Australia Day - Citizen of the Year - Nomination Form

Embrace your community and nominate someone who you believe makes the City of Charles Sturt a better place to live, either through an ongoing contribution or an outstanding effort during 2019.

The inspiring person who you feel makes a difference may be well known or a quiet achiever.  Nominations will close on Friday 22 November.


Citizen of the Year Award – to be eligible, the person must be an Australian Citizen.

Young Citizen of the Year Award – To be eligible, the person much be an Australian Citizen under 30 years of age on January 26, 2020.

Community Event of the Year – This is presented to the person/group who has staged the most outstanding community event during the past year.

The winners will be announced at the Australia Day Awards Presentation and Citizenship Ceremony in January 2020.

2018 Winners

The Australia Day Awards and Citizenship Ceremony was held on Friday, 25 January 2019 at the Woodville Town Hall.

Congratulations to the winners of the 2019 Australia Day Awards for the City of Charles Sturt:

2018 Citizen of the Year: Gino Chinca

citizen-of-the-yearGino Chinca has been a steadfast supporter of his community since 1952 and has an un-dying love for his home suburb of Kilkenny.

His contributions to the areas of local history, sport, neighbourhood watch, his cultural community and local primary school are vast.

Gino has volunteered for Rail Care at the Kilkenny train station and helped to turn the wasteland area into an oasis. You may recognise his face as a mural has recently been painted of Gino at the station as a tribute to his contributions to the local area.

Gino is a highly successful amateur historian who takes great care in documenting the history of Kilkenny and parts of Woodville Park and West Croydon.

His interest in the history of these suburbs started in the late 1980s when he saw rapid changes to the area. To quote Gino: 'In the late 1980s my interest in the history of Kilkenny became very strong as in the past I had seen many shops and businesses close, buildings and houses demolished etc. I thought that someone should be recording all the changes that had taken place. I then commenced researching and recording and the more I got into it, it became exciting. I was advised that I should interview older residents, get their stories recorded, take photos of various local subjects and join the Woodville Historical Society and that’s how I commenced my history of the suburb of Kilkenny.'

In the past few years, Gino has shared much of his knowledge with the broader community (including Council) through several history talks/presentations, photo exhibitions and even guided tours of Kilkenny.

Without his significant research and hard work over the years it is likely that much of Kilkenny's history would not be so well preserved or recognised. He has fostered greater community interest in the local history of Kilkenny.

We thanks Gino for his extensive contributions to our community.


2018 Community Event of the Year: Hearty Henley Day Event

event-of-the-yearOn Sunday, 7 October 2018, Hearty Henley Day was held to celebrate the unveiling of a new life-saving public access defibrillator that was recently installed in Henley Square, a high traffic area for tourists, visitors and locals.

The initiative came to life thanks to Henley Beach resident and Western Adelaide Coastal Residents Association member Rick Whitehead, with funding provided through Council’s Discretionary Ward Allowance program.

Whist on a trip to the UK last year, Mr Whitehead noticed automatic defibrillators in several public places, such as town squares and public buildings.  Seeing this got Mr Whitehead thinking about the Henley area and the access that the public has to a defibrillator in the event of an emergency. 

The defibrillator is the first 24/7 publicly available defibrillator in the Western Suburbs of Adelaide.

The Hearty Henley event was akin to a mini-health expo, which aimed at not only informing the general public about the defibrillator, but to also demonstrate how the device could be used to save lives, even by those who are not formally trained. 

Various activities including displays, demonstrations and community fitness and wellbeing sessions with a focus on heart health were available for the public to participate in.

Over 100 people gathered by the defibrillator cabinet for the official unveiling and joined in signing ‘heart’ related tunes with local ukulele players.

The event was supported by St John Ambulance SA, the Henley SLSC, the Western Adelaide Coastal Residents Association, along with many local businesses and organisations.

The Hearty Henley Day event was a great success and exceeded its aim of informing the public of the location of the new Henley Square defibrillator, the value of learning basic CPR and the importance of a healthy lifestyle.



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