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Biodiversity is recognised by the City of Charles Sturt as being an important consideration in the ongoing strategic development and management of a healthy functioning City. The Biodiversity Action Plan 2017-2030 is the first biodiversity focussed plan for the City of Charles Sturt.

The protection and enhancement of flora and fauna habitats through ongoing management of new and existing sites will improve urban biodiversity, minimise threats to biodiversity, and provide opportunity for community education and interaction.

Improving and enhancing our biodiversity can also be achieved through enhancing and maintaining urban forests through urban forestry practices and is critical in improving the health and well-being of environments and people.

Aquatic environments are also imperative to biodiversity improvements. These areas include all non-oceanic water bodies (rivers, lakes, ponds, and wetlands) and associated aquatic and fringing vegetation.

The holistic management of biodiversity within the City through a strategic and prioritised approach will significantly improve our future environment.

The Biodiversity Action Plan provides direction for our City and our Community to work collaboratively in the enhancement, management and diversification of our biodiversity.

Ongoing review and monitoring, in conjunction with other strategies associated with environmental improvements and climate change adaptation, will ensure our community and the City are informed and resilient into the future.

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